TMO Social Activities – 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

Rachel Davis, Chair Social Subcommittee

AGM 2018




  • Stationery & printing £181.19
  • Refreshments for TRA meetings £56.40
  • Bike lockers – lock removal & locks £131.40
  • Gardener fees £240.00 Garden costs £90.07
  • TRA hall maintenance & insurance £274.67
  • Childcare £22.00
  • Gift to cleaner £25.00
  • Flowers & biscuits for Manager £8.28



1. Kids Spring film event 6 May 2017 (6 – 8.30pm) – Total: £36.18

‘Belleville Rendezvous’ animation film and pizzas in TRA room.

  • Event was discussed and agreed between myself and Lucy Wright.
  • Estate-wide posters advertised the event 2 weeks before.
  • 15 people attended.
  • Costs: DVD, Pizzas

2. Summer Garden Party 24 June 2017 (12 – 4 pm) – Total: £87.23

  • Event was discussed and agreed between myself and Lucy Wright.
  • I worked with BOST volunteer to create a garden quiz for the children
  • Posters estate-wise 2 weeks before.
  • Soft drinks and cakes. Wheelbarrow races. Crafts.
  • 25 people attended
  • Costs: Plants for quiz prizes, Tea & Cakes & soft drinks


TOTAL SPEND: £1,154.42




SGTO meetings

Attended by Elziebetta Connell on 3rd Wednesday of each month were supported by herself



1. JSI (Joint Security Initiative) grant Mawdley courtyard

  • To address the poor state of Mawdley courtyard, I applied for and received a £1K Joint Security Initiative grant from Southwark Council.
  • I sent notices through all residents doors of asking for their ideas and responses re courtyard improvements.
  • I engaged a local landscape architect and we drew up a plan
  • I hosted a barbecue/consultation event in the courtyard where residents and shops were invited to drop by and add their views on how to develop the courtyard
  • I worked with Deborah to develop the plan and costings incorporating the feedback.


Costs: Total £762.40

  • Stationery, food/drink £62.40
  • Landscape architect consultancy fee £700.00

This led to a major bid for £27K, which was rejected

  • I arranged follow-up meetings with Nils Battye for discussion and advice. I described the needs expressed – mainly for greening and safer playing. He suggested I apply for £5k instead, for a small project.


2. CGS (Cleaner Greener Safer) grant Mawdley Kids Club

The small bid was successful. As a result of the consultation & listening, the bid was to address the needs of the courtyard residents, particularly the growing number of children. It was to generate greater respect for the courtyard through a gardening and craft project, while also addressing the need for a safer play surface.

In a further meeting with Nils the grant was designated for:

  • Resurfacing – making a safer place to run on in far end of the courtyard
  • Creating planters – making 10 planters from recycled art crates (acquired free of charge.) – drilling, varnishing, filling with blocks, stones, and soil, I worked with consultancy and assistance on the day from Maria a BOST volunteer (free of charge)
  • Creating Mosaics – for each child to name and ‘own’ and care for their own planter
  • Local Playworker – with professional assistance from Jason Brown (Jusplay)
  • Painting – materials to cover costs of painting wood and metalwork at back of shops (with their agreement.)

I put notices through doors and on noticeboards to advertise two half-day events. Parents could leave their children and food and drink was provided.

The results are:

  • 10 beautiful decorated planters.
  • The children learnt about plants and how to look after them. They have watering cans and are looking after their individual planters.
  • They have also enjoyed playing on the new tarmac surface.
  • Small scale painting work improving the look of the back of the shops (ongoing –with some residents offering to help.)
  • Most importantly, community cohesion, as a result of engagement with and respecting children, in turn, they show greater respect for their environment.


Costs: Total £6700

  • Hobart paving …tarmac £3500
  • Plants and delivery £500
  • George of Into services, soil gravel labour extras £1000
  • Fees (Southwark Council) £1700