Report a Repair

Report an Emergency Repair
  • To report a repair: please call the TMO office phone number: 0207 620 3001 or email the office:
  • Repairs – who can help me, TMO or Council? Download our guide for more info.
  • View your repair rights and responsibilities here

Other useful phone numbers.

  • No heating or hot water? Call the council on 0800 952 4444.
  • Council out of hours emergency – please call: 0800 952 4444 or 020 7525 2600.
  • If you have a gas / carbon monoxide leak, call the National Grid 0800 111 999.
  • If you have lost your gas or electricity supply, you should contact your individual supplier to determine if the issue with your meter or account.
  • If you are experiencing a power cut in your area, call UK Power Networks 0800 316 3105.
  • If you have no drinking water in your area, call Thames Water 0800 714 614.

Rate your repair.

If you have received a repair to your property recently and would like to rate the service you've received, please use the form below: