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FREE Balcony Flower Boxes For Webber Row

The Webber & Quentin TMO has been successful in obtaining funds to buy flower boxes for balcony railings for Webber Row. Each flower box has two clamps to secure it to the balcony railing.

If you are interested in having one, please indicate if you would like 1, or possibly 2, if we have enough. Please note, we have a limited number to give out. We will also be able to provide compost to fill your flower box. You will just need to buy your own plants to add to it.

The deadline for completing this survey is 30th of November  2021 at 5pm.


Please complete the survey only IF you are interested in a FREE flower box
NOTE: We can only provide you with 2 flower boxes if we have enough to go around. If demand exceeds supply, we will hold a ballot of those who have requested 2 items to decide who will get them.