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What is the Webber and Quentin TMO and how can you join?

Webber & Quentin residents have voted for a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

Voting in the ballot, which ended on December 9th 2016, was a resounding yes. Breaking down the figures, 76% of tenants voted in favour of the TMO, with 51 out of 69 votes cast. Among leaseholders, 97% supported the TMO, with 43 out of the 44 votes cast. In total, 84.7% of residents who voted supported the TMO. 111 of the 210 eligible to vote voted. 2 votes were discounted as invalid and more Tenants voted than Leaseholders. There were 16 votes for management to continue to be done by Southwark Council.

Southwark Council supports the TMO process, will still own the buildings and land, and will monitor how well the TMO runs services. The TMO will need to set up its systems and build a local office before it can start running the estate services. This happened on 3rd April 2018.

If you live on the Webber & Quentin estate and are 18 and over, you can join the TMO. If you become a member, which costs a one off £1, you are allowed to vote at our AGM for Board member elections and help decide what happens on your estate.

There are 3 subcommittees overseeing things at present. These are finances, staffing and social activities. Volunteers are wanted for all of these. Positions are voluntary and unpaid. Please get involved to have a say in the running of your estate and help make Webber & Quentin an even better place to live. There is an information sheet on the other side of this newsletter with more details of how to get involved.

You will see posters going up in Noticeboards about a meeting, which all residents will be welcome to attend, to look at the progress so far, and for people to ask questions.

There are 16 other TMOs in Southwark already, which work with Southwark council on its estates. Some have run for up to 20 years. Residents living on these estates tend to be more satisfied with housing repairs than those living on estates where repairs are managed by Southwark Council. In general, contractors working for TMOs offer better value for money and the estates are better cared for because local managers focus only on their own estate. Residents have voted to continue these TMOs.

Now is a great time to get involved and be part of Webber & Quentin’s TMO.

If you have any queries, please contact the Chair, or give your contact details via the website or the TMO manager, who will pass them onto a Board member to get in touch.

As you can see, we are new but our TMO services are already making a difference for residents and we are proud of our diverse community.

What does it mean for residents?

  • If you are a council tenant, Southwark Council will continue to be your landlord. The Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) means that you can help decide how your home is managed.
  • You will remain a secure tenant of the council and maintain all your rights including “Right to Buy”.
  • You will continue to pay your rent to Southwark Council in the usual way.
  • If the community vote ‘yes’ for the TMO, an elected board of residents will make sure services are being delivered in a way that residents are happy with. This means the TMO will consist of local people managing the service for the community.
  • Through the TMO, tenants and leaseholders will be able to set priorities and establish local standards to improve services for everyone.
  • The TMO will employ staff (based on the estate) to run services that meet local needs. An Estate Manager will run the office.
  • All residents on Webber & Quentin Estate over 18yrs old can become a member of Webber & Quentin TMO, which is registered as a community benefit society. If you become a member you can stand for election to the board (unless legally prevented from doing so).

What does it mean for the Council?

  • Southwark Council will retain ownership of all the properties.
  • Southwark Council will enter into an agreement with the TMO to provide contracted housing services but the TMO will be responsible for cleaning and grounds maintenance/ gardening on the estate.
  • Southwark Council will work in partnership with the TMO in the interest of local residents.
  • The TMO will be monitored by the Council to ensure tenants and leaseholders are receiving quality services. If the TMO doesn’t stick to its agreement the Council will step in to provide training and if performance does not improve, the Council will take back control of the service.
  • After the second anniversary of the TMO, all tenants and leaseholders will be given the opportunity to vote at an AGM on whether the TMO should continue managing the estate. If the majority aren’t happy with the TMO, management will revert to the Council. An AGM will be held annually.

It is a good time to join

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