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It is really great to see that all the hard work that is being put into running the TMO is actually working. Nothing says this better than the great feedback we have received from some of the residents. 

There is always room for improvement and we are always working on improving our service’s to the Webber and Quentin residents.

“As a leaseholder I really value the W&Q TMO for improving the quality of the cleaning around the estates. The cleaner also goes the extra mile to clear fly-tipped and bulk items promptly giving the estates a well kempt appearance. Apart from efficiently organising repairs, rent collection and filling voids, I find it so helpful having a TMO Management team on hand who are willing and able to give guidance on other matters concerning Southwark Council”. 

Julie, Quentin House

“I am so pleased with all the work that the TMO has been done until now. Siraj and Linda are very professional and extremely supportive, and I think we are incredibly lucky to have them as a resident support.  As a resident I feel that my views are heard. I would like the TMO to continue as I am very comfortable with their philosophy. Repairs are done quickly, issues are heard and it is a very active TMO. Thank you again to all the team for their hard work and positivity”. 

Saoussen, Quentin House.

“Any time I need help concerning repairs in my flat or even any problem with the council I call Sirajul Islam who always responds to our requests. I faced a huge problem with £5000 rent arrears that belonged to an ex-tenant, the council inadvertently asked me to pay it. Even though my solicitor was not able resolve the problem. I contacted Sirajul for help and thanks to him the Council has stopped this action. I am happy and grateful to him, because without him ‘the matter would not have been resolved. It’s wonderful we have a TMO and people like me can easily reach out for help”.

Kaoutar, Mawdley House.

 “TMO has been great so far.  Unlike with Council services, if contractors do not perform to the standard expected by residents, the TMO can move to new contractors to improve the services that residents receive. Most of all, having permanent staff that work around the estate gives residents a dedicated resource and a familiar point of contact to go to report repairs or other issues and to speak to for advice. It should not be underestimated how valuable having permanent TMO staff is, compared to dealing with the various online forms, call centres and disconnected services from the Council.  

Graeme, Quentin House

“TMO is a really good thing and our cleaner does a really great job at keeping the estate clean.  He’s always taking care of the rubbish bin area which is very often left in a total mess after rubbish collection, and also he’s doing a thorough job with the “Ghostbusters” style vacuum cleaner in the stairwell (he was even nice enough to clean our landing when we had a fair bit of construction dust outside from a kitchen refurb. 

Marco, Algar House.

I did not realise how important the TMO is to us residents till i got involved with it myself. A lot of people put hard work in keeping this running and they have done a wonderful job.  The TMO is essential for keeping the residents updated and informed  of any changes and to help them with any issues within their power.

Since dealing with the TMO, i have found it easier to find information and get things done.

Having a permanent TMO office is invaluable to all of us residents and I for one am very grateful for this.

Umran, Dauncey House.

“I am very happy with way our TMO is making progress and meeting the needs of the residents.  I hope we can achieve more with the new TMO Office being built in Quentin House car park”. 

Asiya, Delarch House.

“I am very proud of our TMO and the work the TMO staff and volunteers do from providing repairs service to contacting vulnerable residents and checking on their welfare during covid -19”

Jessey, Delarch House.

“After years of begging the council to get rid of an abandoned motorcycle in our courtyard, Linda and Siraj got it removed (thanks).  TMO is making good progress and we hope to achieve so much more when our new office is ready” Orenda – Dauncey Hse

“I have rated the repairs reporting as good just for the effort that has been put into arranging it even though the repairs were postponed due to COVID. Let me take this opportunity to commend the TMO Manager, Mr Sirajul Islam and the Housing Officer, Ms Linda Knight. They are very approachable”

Catherine, Algar House.

 “We are very fortunate to have a TMO.  TMO officers are easily accessible and services are far better than Council.  You can easily report repairs and when repairs are not satisfactory, it is easy to follow-up with the TMO office staff. It will be wonderful when we have our new local office”.

Anna, Quentin House.

“I have been involved in Finance Committee of the TMO for past year or so and I have learnt so much about the TMO.  I feel my voice is heard and I have a real say in how our home and the blocks are now managed”

Maria, Mawdley House.

The blocks and garden are amazingly clean and kept tidy at all times thanks to the TMO and our cleaner. It’s so much better than how it used to be with the Council”. 

Dean, Quentin House.

“I recently moved in this area and I was very happy with the way the I was dealt with and all the help we received from Linda and Siraj in settling into our new home”. 

Sonia, Algar House.

“The TMO is doing a fantastic job and I really like the social and garden events TMO organises for older people”

Maureen, Delarch House.

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